written by tom / 11.03.2016 08:53

10 things to do in Bohol

Our time in Bohol is coming to end, but even with few months we have barely discovered this small island. It has some much hidden treasures, that you would need years to discover them all 🙂

Visit Anda – Anda is quite a hidden gem for now, with not too many tourists and a lot of untouched local culture. It is small city with almost unexciting nightlife, not so great for party seekers, but perfect for getting to know Philippines culture. The white sand beaches, lots of swimming caves and overall beautiful nature it is definitely one of the must go places on Bohol.

Go hiking to Blue Heaven in Anda. Is is about 4-5 hours hike (or even full day, when take longer route) with breath taking views, jungle paths and small villages on the road. On the way down you could take a refreshing swim in Anda falls pool. Route itself is easy and manageable for everybody. For more about the hikes and other adventures (kayaking, mountain biking, snorkeling) in Anda read www.facebook.com/andaadventures/

If you look for more luxurious stay with reasonable price (compared to resorts) give a try a Virgen Ocean View Apartments. This small house is standing right on the edge of small cliff at seaside, with amazing 180 degree views on the sea and stars at night. Host is friendly and helpful. For and average backpacker this place will be expensive and not interesting – But as our room is half finished, we got it cheaper than your regular hut or dorm room. Look more www.vov.ph

Rent motorcycle and travel through Bohol. Most of the roads here are derivable – But you should probably avoid gravel road when it is rainy or if your novice driver. Traffic here is pretty reasonable (except Tagbilaran) and the seaside or mountain roads have beautiful views with possible good hidden surprises on the way.

Visit Panglao Island – Yes it is very touristy, especially Alona beach area, but it is beautiful island with possible cliff jumps and other points of interest. And if you want to have few days of hard parties Alona beach will be perfect for you – but be aware of higher prices then regular!

Sleep in Bohol Coco Farm – Located in Pangalo, not too far from Alona beach, this is perfect place for backpacker on the budget. Friendly owner, good staff and opportunity to meet other travellers (and possibly have few beers together). Bungalows are also well maintained and comfortable.

Go do rope swing in Loboc river – This is not time consuming but really fun and you could possibly do it on the way to Chocolate Hills. It is pretty extreme rope jump to the middle or the river – the height of the jump depends on the tide, but non of the less it is great adrenaline. Look for SUP Tours Philippines and give them a visit.

Visit Chocolate Hills and see Tarsiers – I didnt enjoy these very touristy places too much, but the nature there is beautiful and the little Tarsiers are cute. If you have little time visiting Bohol I would probably skip Chocolate Hills but you could visit it with a day, depending on your location.

Hike to Eskaya Caves, Guindulman – This is whole day trip but definetely worth your time. It is the biggest cave in Bohol, hard to find in the middle of the jungle. It is about 4-5 hours hiking through thick jungle and some nice views. Cave itself is large and long, you can walk pretty much to the end and in the future could possibly go swimming there. Ask more from AndaAdventures.

Get a sweet bite to eat in Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop. Located in the edge of Tagbilaran, this is definetely one of the nicest cafeterias here. With extra tasty homemade cakes, muffins and icecream and excellent service, this is a nice change to Philippines ordinary diners or markets.

The most important is to just have fun, enjoy weather, meet people and embrace the adventures that will happen. All the good and bad – learn your lessons from the bad and tell stories about good experiences.