written by veronica / 19.06.2016 11:04

Hello Indonesia, terima kasih Annika

Our time in Jakarta has been quite nice but unfortunately it has come to an end. We stayed with Tom’s cousin Annika and her husband Siim. Super genuine and happy people.

Tom and Annika had not seen each other for years so it was quite exciting for him to see her again. We also went to Jakarta to get our Papua New Guinea visas (it takes 4 working days).

For your information we did get them so we might go there sometime in the near future. We stayed in Jakarta for two weeks total. Had a lot of fun and also time to just chillax a bit.

Since Annika had to work during the weekdays, she made sure we would go do something fun all together on the weekends.

On first weekend we went to this amazing rooftop bar called Cloud Lounge & Living Room. The view was pretty awesome because it is located on the 49th floor. Unfortunately it started raining on our way there so we couldn’t see all of the city but it was still pretty cool.

The interior was quite cozy too. This lounge had lollipop colour uv lights shining through the tables which looked awesome.

The other place that was also very nice was this hipster looking place called Por Que No. It was a rooftop bar\lounge as well.

The place looked really different but quite cool. The wall in the hallway is full of pencils and one area on the rooftop looks like a botanical garden but with a great view over looking the city.

The other weekend Annika and Siim took us to Jakarta’s old town. This place reminded us home a little bit. We wanted to take a picture all together but if we stopped to think where and how we should take the picture, local people would gather together all over us to try to take a pictures with us. I guess if you are a tourist, there for a week or two it’s flattering when random people want to take pictures with you and you feel kinda like a celebrity.

If you have been getting this for so many months now and you are still not used to it like me then it’s just annoying and unnecessary to take pictures with everybody.

We quickly took some pictures of ourselves and after that went to have lunch. Got some peace and quiet for a little bit till two waiters who were taking our orders wanted to take selfies with all of us.

Well if I would be walking around the city I would have definitely said no, but if it’s people who are responsible of your food you might want to take the selfies just in case if you know what I mean.

Also in every Sunday starting I think at 7am till about 11am is “car free morning” where people ride their bicycles and jog around the main road. Since the traffic is so freaking crazy in Asia, the site of big part of city without cars was quite surreal but really cool at the same time. We walked around the city and then we went to this small village that Annika wanted to see up close because she had passed it with a car couple of times before but wanted to see again and walk around that area a little bit.

After that we took a bus back home and relaxed by the pool ( AMAZIIING !! )

People who have been riding the public bus transportation in Europe know that we have these signs on the bus windows (at least in Estonia) that you can’t eat, drink and have roller skates and a dog without a mask on the bus.

Here they have a sign, that a guy can’t lift a woman’s dress to have a look under the dress. Like who does that???? And also they have all guys sitting in the back of the bus and all the ladies in the front.

I dont know whether if it is a legit thing or a religious beliefs of the individuals that are so crazy here with all the ladies covering up everything besides their faces that are making men so thirsty that they have to have this sign up at the first place. It should be common sense not to do that. No ?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me who thinks that way. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being religious but for us estonians (coming from a country that is I think the most non religious country in the world) it’s just very odd that’s all.

Talking about religious stuff, at this time in Jakarta they have also this thing called Ramadan Kareem, where they can’t eat or drink anything the entire day after dawn until after the sunset so places that you would usually see a lot of people having their breakfast or lunch are now pretty empty (excellent for us, yeiii!).

Over all Jakarta was pretty cool. The place that we stayed at was located in the city so everything was quite close. Local people were not so meddlesome and didn’t scream at you in every five seconds.

You can still see people living in very poor conditions and some places stink and are really dirty but if you avoid those places then it’s actually not that bad.

I want to sincerely thank Annika and Siim for having us and showing us around. Thank you for everything !!